Day 13: Napa To Westport, CA

Miles today: 175 / Total miles:



We decided to take the coastal drive, knowing it would take longer, but looking forward to the scenery. We were right on both counts:

A day’s driving through some of the most spectacular vistas imaginble, and a grueling task¬†navigating narrow roadways, up and then down and then up and then down,¬†downshifting constantly to save the brakes, slowing for hairpin turns to 15 mph, or 10, or sometimes 5.

All worth it.

CA Coast 005 copy (1280x853) CA Coast 011b copy (1280x853) CA Coast 030 (1280x853) CA Coast 042 (1280x675) CA Coast 047 (1280x827) CA Coast 157 (1280x808)


One thought on “Day 13: Napa To Westport, CA

  1. Great fun following your roadside adventures…especially for those of us left behind to deal with our mundane lives :)

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