Day 11: Vallejo, CA to Napa, CA

Miles today: 18 / Total miles: 2881



Downtown Napa

Napa Day 1 (9) (1280x709)

Napa Day 1 (8) (1280x632)

Napa Day 1 (15) (1280x853)

Regulations everywhere. Don’t do this. No doing that. Nothing is permitted except that which is allowed.

Napa Day 1 (18) (853x1280)

Pretty clever signposts on each corner directing you to the trendy store or emporium or eatery of your choice. You won’t get lost.

Napa Day 1 (16) (1280x804)

Apparently, Napa is all about the fact that you can get all the way up the river from San Francisco– with the tide– to here, and no further.

Napa Day 1 (39) (1280x783)

You’re surprised?

Napa Day 1 (19) (1280x960) Napa Day 1 (21) (1280x960) Napa Day 1 (40) (1280x801)

Napa Day 1 (17) (939x1280)

Okay, this is sort of cool. The idea is that you can open the lid and find a bunch of poems left there by, well, poets, I guess, and I read a few and a couple were really good. A couple. But interesting. I mean, is this California or what?

A great Napa Valley lunch…

Napa Day 1 (38) (967x1280)

Nifty restaurant. Three floors, including the roof garden. Rained out up there today.

Napa Day 1 (4) (1280x744)

Nice view out the window to the hills of the Napa Valley.

Napa Day 1 (3) (853x1280)

Napa Day 1 (6) (839x1280)

WAY too friendly waiter. Helpful, competent, friendly, upbeat, eager to please and smart. Hence: Incredibly annoying.

Napa Day 1 (11) (966x1280)

You were expecting something different? Did I mention we’re in California?

Napa Day 1 (7) (853x1280)

The rooftop dining with the great view. When it isnt raining…

Napa Day 1 (30) (886x1280)

Oysters for Alice.

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Napa Valley Expo Campground

Napa Day 1 (1) (1280x853) Napa Day 1 (2) (1280x853)



Day 10: Coalinga, CA to Vallejo, CA

Miles today: 190 / Total Miles: 2863



We were lucky to find a campground today, Sunday of Memorial Day weekend.  We’re in a park in Vallejo, near the ferry into San Francisco bay, an unscenic, cheek-by-jowl place run, however, by friendly folk and consisting of a lot of full-timers who can be recognized by their propensity to make their RV site look like something out of the “hoarder” show…

A pleasand drive today through orange and lemon groves on the one hand, giving way to a vast “Congress created Dust Bowl” as the signs every quarter mile or so proclaim:  This is the area that has been denied farm water by the environmentalists in S.F. who insist the pumping of water is endangering a bay indigenous snail darter.  Or something.  Signs of frustration and outrage from the farmers every where, such as “Thank  Boxer and Pelosi for your higher food prices.”

Tomorrow we move to a nice city-run RV park in Napa that I reserved a few months ago.  (They were already booked for today, or I would  have done that, too…)

Not sure what we are going to do because we can’t check in there until  1pm.  Maybe a ferry to S.F.  Maybe a lazy morning…

006 (1280x889)

We passed a stretch of at least a mile of cattle milling around in pens.

079 (1280x571)

After many miles through the desert of Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, and then you crest the mountains into the lush California valley– you can see why it would appear to be the Elysian Fields to the pioneers who had struggled their way west.

076 (1280x526)

Vast stretches of California’s efforts at “alternative energy” some of which are quite beautiful, all of which lose money.

038 (1280x853)

It’s all about water. All of it.

065 (1280x671) 056 (1280x854)

052 (1280x853)

035 (1280x853) 034 (1280x853)