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Rental House, In the Woods, South of France [Pictures]

Our first night upon arrival here in Var Provence we went for dinner in Callas, the nearest little village, three miles away, across dormant vineyards and then up winding streets to the Centre Ville.  It seems almost all restaurants in Provence specialize in—or at least have on the menu—“Pizza”.  I had the Pizza Paysanne, which was nothing like anything in the States, other than being built atop what we would call a “thin crust” base.  It had mushrooms, four different types of French cheese, a little bacon, onions, and crème frais, and it was sublime.  A Dame Blanche (melted chocolate and Chantilly—whipped cream—over vanilla ice-cream) and a café grande to finish, and welcome to France; life is good.

Here are pictures of our rented house:

The house sits on a densely wooded mountainside overlooking a wide valley. This is the view from down below, by the pool, looking up the mountain

This is the view from above the house, looking down towards the valley far below

There are several driveways, all performing different functions. The main driveway from the road runs several hundred yards through the woods and then winds around the house to the other side, and this is the view towards our downstairs bedroom from that far side.

A little further back, standing on the petanque court, looking North

Looking down the path towards the pool area below. Those are fragrant rosemary bushes, and, if you dry your sheets on them, they acquire a delightful natural perfume.

Another view of the South side

Looking up the first flight of stairs from the pool. There are three flights to get to the main level.

Looking down towards the pool and across the valley

A beautiful "infinit pool" dropping off towards the valley below

The pentanque court next to an ancient ruin that has been officially designated an historic site.

Another view of the petanque court. There is a large woodpile of logs for the fireplace nearby, which has been coming in handy

Looking down towards the valley on a beautiful autumn afternoonA long journey, but we're here; the Monsters, too

A long journey, but we're here; the Monsters, too


The living room and the kitchen are on the top floor. This is the view standing by the stairs that lead downstairs, looking throught the long living room and dining room towards the kitchen.

Alice, Marion, a lovely, accomplished woman who owns the house, and Alice's great friend, Martine

Another view of the living room. Marion has exquisite taste and the entire place is warm and delightful

The kitchen is small but functional, with everything necessary

Looking from the kitchen across the dining area to the living room and the fireplace

Across the dining table towards the kitchen and the door leading to the Monsters' favorite Poopville

The place is isolated and comfortable, a wonderful place to catch up on some reading

The dining area

The Monsters know how to settle in

A view from inside towards the valley below

A view from outside through our bedroom, which is one flight down from the living room

A mile walk up the mountain provides good daily exercise and great scenery

At the top of the mountain there's a great view, and a good place to rest from the steep climb

...then there's the trip back down. The hard part is preventing Max from eating poison mushrooms

This is the river the street was named aftr, Les Calles Basses. It is usually a dry bed, but after four days of heavy rain, this is the result. The next day it was dry again.

The road to Callas, about 3km away. Believe it or not, this is a two lane highway with a speed limit of 45kpm

The road to Callas is lined with vinyards, and is habitat for the sangliers, the nasty, wild pigs

Alice and Marion shopping in Draguignan

Beautiful woods everywhere to explore

Alice and her dear friend, Martine

A beautiful place in beautiful countryside...

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N E X T :   Saint-Tropez


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