Henry Scanlon

Here is the official version:

Henry Scanlon was Founder and, for 25 years, Chairman & CEO  of Comstock Images, one of the premier international photo agencies in  the world, with headquarters in New York and subsidiaries in Toronto, London, Paris, Berlin and Luxembourg.

The Company was sold in 2005 and is currently owned by Getty Images.

Henry Scanlon was a national finalist in the presigious Entrepreneur of the Year Award sponsored by Inc. Magazine and Merrill Lynch.

He was for three years President of The Picture Agency Council of America, the international trade organization for leading photo agencies throughout the world.

Scanlon is an author and columnist whose work has been published by Harper & Row, St. Martin’s Press, Newsweek, American Photographer Magazine, The Photo District News and many other international publications.



Well, okay…

…that pretty much  covers the most important aspects of the least important part of my life– and I say that despite the fact that I had great passion for my business– because it wasn’t actually the business that I had a passion  for:  It was the people, and the process of creating opportunities  for them, spending time with them,  learning and growing and experiencing pain and happiness with them.

I was always fond of quoting Andrew Carnegie:

Andrew Carnegie

Take  away my people, and leave my factories;

and in six months there will be grass growing from the cracks in the floors.

Take away my factories,  and  leave my people;

and in sixe months they will beuild new factories and better  factories.


Some of these people remain my closest and dearest and most cherished friends to this day.

Some do not.

And therein lies a story, which,  someday, maybe I’ll tell.

But not today.


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  1. Dave Briggs

    Hi Henry
    It’s lunchtime in August, and for some reason my mind strayed to 1981, and a cycling trip from John o’Groats to Land’s End. I thought of the people I met, and some of the names still come back clearly. Among them was one Henry Scanlon, an American then living in London, with a photography business. (I recall he once took a snap of me with my ‘Olympus Trip’, and told me he couldn’t do much with it, because it was so centre-weighted. ) I should probably say who I am – Dave Briggs – aka ‘Dave from Edinburgh’. I have very fond memories of those 3 weeks – with all the interesting characters, and our travelling Theatre Group etc. etc.
    Anyway, I believe I may have found you on the web, and just wanted to say ‘hi’!
    Drop me a note if you feel like it.

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